Meike Kopp

Having owned the Huron SubStation and sold it in 2021 (an L.A. historic landmark, well known film location, and event space); been the owner and scent designer of a very small fragrance line, and dappled in co-producing a live comedy show, “The Hunger” – like many during Covid, I decided to take everything off the table in 2021 and start fresh.

During this time of reset, I have begun the laborious and fruitful process of renovating a ranch (as both a rental property for film and special retreats) and continue writing a memoir “Silence – A Scent Memoir”.

My fascination with scent continues and I have begun a small planting of vetiver; some of which will be used for erosion control on the ranch and some of which will be harvested for its essential oil. Moving forward, I will be planting more vetiver and fragrant plants to begin sales of essential oils grown and distilled on site.

hoping for health and abundance to all in the future,